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Antibiotic allergy testing and translational allergy diagnostics

Better Care Victoria Supported Program

Better Care Victoria Antibiotic Allergy De-Labelling Program

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The Better Care Victoria Antibiotic Allergy Discovery and De-labelling Program commenced at Austin Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre on the 21st of Jan 2019 with a mission to discover 4000 patients with an antibiotic allergy and directly "de-label" over 400 patients in a two year period.

The program aims to identify low risk patients reporting a penicillin allergy that can undergo successful oral challenge utilizing a published protocol or direct removal of the allergy from the record in the setting of a known reported drug side effect.

More information on the protocol from our published pilot can be found in the following manuscript- Trubiano et al.  The Safety and Efficacy of an Oral Penicillin Rechallenge Program in Cancer Patients. Open Forum Infectious Diseases  2018 Nov 17;5(12):ofy30 

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Antibiotic Allergy De-labelling Program - Further Info



The validated beta-lactam allergy assessment tool adapted from Devchand et al.  J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract. 2019 Mar;7(3):1063-1065.e5 


An information sheet for medical staff about the key factors around antibiotic allergy 

antibiotic allergy patient brochure

A patient information sheet