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Antibiotic allergy testing and translational allergy diagnostics


Antibiotic Allergy in Practice - Workshops & Symposiums

Additional Information

Following the success of 2018 - we will be back in 2020!!

1. Antibiotic Allergy in Practice (Melbourne) - 6th of June 2020 in partnership with the National Centre for Infections in Cancer!

2. Antibiotic Allergy in Practice (Malaysia) - 20th February 2020 in partnership with International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID)

Antibiotic Allergy in Practice (Melbourne) 2020 is conveniently timed between two major Infectious Diseases Conferences in Melbourne - ASID Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 (3rd - 5th June) and Immunocompromised Host Society Symposium (7th to 9th June)  - The focus this year will be antibiotic allergy in hospitalized patients and the immunocompromised host

Antibiotic Allergy in Practice (Malaysia) 2020 is being held in Kuala Lumpur prior to the International Congress of Infectious Diseases (ICID). - The focus will be on providing an update on antibiotic allergy practice and practical implementation into AMS. A optional hands-on workshop will be made available to a limited number of attendees.

Registration open soon via NCIC symposium Eventbrite page - 

Antibiotic Allergy in Practice 2020 @ ASID/ICHS vis Eventbrite

Antibiotic Allergy in Practice 2020 @ ISID via conference website

Programs for caar sYMPOSIUMS

Draft programs available for Melbourne and Malaysian Symposiums 2020 via link below